Broughton Law Group

We believe in forming partnerships with our clients to effect successful outcomes in their cases, whether it's in the area of personal injury, disability, commercial litigation or municipal law. We have 30+ years of successful trial and appellate experience and are able to provide a comprehensive range of services.
--Bill Broughton

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Personal Injury

We advocate for our clients with the understanding that they have likely already experienced a great amount of loss. Our job is to listen and focus on your best interests. After learning everything about your case, we develop a legal strategy, employing our significant resources, trial experience, and legal knowledge -- all to ensure that you get the best result possible.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Insurance companies do not care about you. Money is their driver. The less you get the more they can keep. Washington has passed the Insurance Fair Conduct Act giving new ammunition to persons being victimized by insurance bad faith conduct.

Municipal Law

Local governments should treat their citizens as their clients. Too often, citizens cannot get answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Broughton Law Group represents both local governments and citizens to facilitate open and honest interaction.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Trial experience counts. Broughton Law Group has litigated a wide variety of business disputes from construction claims to partnership dissolution to real estate deals gone bad.

Broughton Law Group is a nationally recognized firm with high standards of ethical conduct in the pursuit of justice. Our experienced attorneys and staff diligently represent our clients' interests in obtaining exceptional verdicts and settlements in injury and damage cases. Our work in seeking the truth and accountability for our clients creates positive change in corporate and governmental behavior, which benefits not only our clients but makes our world a better place.